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Hope Horses

Our horses are what make our program unique. They are the foundation of our work and why we exist for our participants. Horses, as you know, require considerate upkeep. Each horse has a monthly expense that includes food (grain and hay), bedding, farrier (every 8 weeks), and routine veterinarian care.


Without our community support we would not be financially able to sustain our herd at the capacity it is needed. Please consider donating to support our herd as we continue to supply these amazing benefits to our community.

She has the balance, core strength and confidence she never had before.
-Brooke's Mother


Dakota is a 7 year old Gypsy Vanner who loves to be the center of attention. He is a sweet, gentle boy who is a favorite at the barn.


Remmy is a 5 year old Gypsy Vanner. He is a very inquisitive youngster and loves to be brushed and groomed, especially around his ears.  He is always trying to get everyone to play with him.


Shiloh is a willing and caring 5 year old Gypsy Vanner. He can't wait to start his work in the program.


This curious mini horse loves to work with our little ones. She absolutely adores being groomed up for her fans.


Beautiful, loving and willing girl who came to us from Last Chance Rescue. She is a hard worker and loved by many.

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