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Are you ready to volunteer?

We welcome all individuals at all levels of experience in volunteering, and we have a variety of needs.  If you are looking for a life-changing opportunity to enrich your life and another’s hopes and dreams, we welcome you to complete the volunteer application below.

Wait! Before you apply, check out our helpful links to become a Rising Hope Volunteer!

Please email us for a waiver #

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you have past or present experience with horses, to no experience at all we welcome all interested individuals to apply. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for you to be a part of at our facility, regardless of your level of experience. 

Volunteering with Horses


Little to Advanced experience around/with horses is desired, but not required. After you complete your application process, we will invite you to shadow a feeding(s). If the Volunteer Coordinate feels as though Feeding is a right suit for you, you will be placed with a trainer and fellow volunteer. Please email us for more information.

*We are currently looking for per-diem feeders*

Lesson Assistant

Little to Advanced experience around/with horses is desired, but not required. After completing the application process, we will invite you to shadow a lesson(s). At least one instructor is also present during a lesson. Please email us for more information.

Barn Classroom Day 

Assist the instructors for a few hours during Barn Classroom Day. Based on your level of experience, the instructor will place you in a role that suits you best; from horse handling and grooming to crafts.

Minis on the Move

Assist the instructors with transportation, horse handling, and grooming during one of our Minis on the Move days. Please email us for more information.

Volunteering for Fundraising & Events


Assist our Fundraising Chair and Development Director with our fundraising events throughout the year. From planning, to coordinating with sponsors, vendors, etc. you can help grow continue mission!


We attend various events throughout the year such as: Centre Gives, Minis on the Move, Shows, Fairs, etc. We are always looking for volunteers to help us spread our message of #connectinghoovesandhearts. 

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Stall Mucking

Believe it or not, this may be one of the most popular opportunity amongst our volunteers! They say that the quiet time in the barn and physical activity is therapy in itself for them. Now, I don't think its a proven therapy, but if you want to see for yourself we are always looking for volunteers.


We all know how quickly things can become over grown, muddy, or in need of attention, especially at a barn. With that being said, our wonderful maintenance crew always has something to keep them busy throughout the season. If you love weed whacking, fixing fences, pressure washing, unloading hay, etc. we would love to have you as a volunteer! 


Lets make a difference together.

Together we can continue to grow the Rising Hope mission. Give back any way you can, whether it be volunteering or donating, to sharing what we are doing, we appreciate your generosity and support!

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