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Oh give us a home where our herd can roam, where the riders and horses will play...

Rising Hope has been based out of our 388 Reese Road facility since our beginnings in 2015-16. Now, as we've continued to see an increase in volunteer, participant and community interest, there is a clear need to expand our facility and program. Thus, our Capital Campaign, Post by Post, came about. Post by Post is a move to find a property that has enough land for our pasture space for grazing horses, barns for housing, outbuildings for outdoor and indoor riding options, hay and equipment storage, potential housing for staff members and room to continue growing! As we look to serve Central Pennsylvania, we need to be equipped to offer our services year-round and to a large volume of people. As we continue to develop this page describing our goals for the future, we hope you visit our Donate page to help make our visions come to life!

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the sky isn't cloudy all day!