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Did you know “Hope deferred makes the heart sick?” This proverb may be old but it is still very true. Just ask a lonely widow, waiting to hear the door open and someone ask “Are you up for company?” Just ask a cancer patient waiting to hear the words, “you are cancer free. Just ask the family member of soldier, waiting for the phone call... “I’m coming home.” Just ask someone with a disability waiting to hear the words “you’re hired.”

Deferred hope = longing hearts.

Would her little heart grow sick with deferred hope?

I know first hand, the heaviness of a sick heart. My daughter, Brooke, was born with Down syndrome. In the early hours of her life, I cried many days and nights, as I held her and wondered if any of her hopes would come true or would I have to continually put them off… hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

Would her little heart grow sick with deferred hope?


A few ladies. A few conversations. A few horses. Rising Hope was born.

Each of us knew deep in our hearts, life was not the status quo for many people. We wanted to offer more than words of compassion, we wanted to “heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.”

We were all horse people who had discovered the magic in the moments with these majestic animals. It was because of our own personal and private journey with them, we felt compelled to share this deeply moving experience with others.

Rising Hope soon became a place where hope is no longer is discovered.

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