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The Hope Horses

Meet our horses that make Rising Hope unique.

They are the foundation of our work and why we exist for our participants. Horses, as you know, require considerate upkeep. Each horse has a monthly expense that includes food like grain and hay, bedding, farrier visits every 8 weeks, and routine veterinarian care.


Without our community's support we would not be financially able to sustain our herd at the capacity it is needed. Please consider donating to support our herd as we continue to supply these amazing benefits to our community.


Silver Pony


Banjo is a lovable gelding who is every bit of a companion. Banjo arrived in the Spring of 2019 trained to drive a cart, as well as ride. His playful nature can easily be seen when the herd is in pasture as he runs and hops around. While working, his mind is focused on exploring the arena and helping riders play games like "What Time is it, Mr. Fox?"


Gypsy Vanner


"Shiloh" means peace, tranquility, or placid nature. And he was definitely named well. Shiloh was donated to us the Fall of 2018 from LexLin Gypsy Ranch in Tennessee. When working with participants, he is ready to train and can take individuals to a peaceful place of one-on-one interaction. When in his stall, Shiloh is always where the people are.


Miniature Horse


Misty is a sweet mare who never ventures far without her pal Maddie. She joined us the summer of 2020 and is part of our merry band of Miniature Horses! You can bet Misty will be the first one greeting you at the gate to their enclosure and a fast friend.


Gypsy Vanner


As a natural outdoorsman, Remmy prefers to be away from his stall. He can work a door bolt like no other! His natural desire to learn makes him a great riding partner and playful herdmate. He never shies away from a soothing grooming session or game of Soccer. 




Cutie is a patient, caring soul who loves to receive and provide love and nurture. Participants are quick to notice Cutie's gentle ease and kindness, feeling a sense of relief when she wraps her head around them. Her beautiful blue eyes will always catch your attention, especially when she's doing her favorite activity (rolling in the dirt and mud).


Gypsy Vanner


Dakota is very aptly named, unintentionally, after a photogenic state with gorgeous landscapes. Dakota's black and white coat coupled with his demeanor makes him the center of attention almost always. He is a steadfast member of our team with a calm and gentle presence.

20200623_160056_edited (1).jpg

Miniature Horse


You'll learn from our minis just how big their heart's are; Maddie is no exception! Maddie is going to greet you at the fence when you approach their enclosure with Misty. As she is trained with Rosie and Misty for Minis on the Move, we see eager ladies ready to love their community!


Gypsy Vanner


This lovable and curious boy was excited to join our herd the winter of 2019. He came from the same facility as Shiloh, so they could have potentially known each other from there! We are continuing to see ways he is eager to learn, but already knows how to be a steadfast friend. We can't wait for you to meet him!


Miniature Horse


This mini LOVES to be pampered - grooming, flower clips, ribbons, you name it! She is patient, yet playful, and very kind to the smallest and even largest of people. She is fearless in the arena so even the youngest or inexperienced riders have a confident riding partner.


Miniature Horse


Angel may be small in size, but has a huge heart. She tends to be very shy, but won't turn down being groomed and fussed with. You will find Angel befriending any newcomer to our herd, like Wilbur, our goat! 



Horse friends who have served us and loved us well!

Receiving Love & Care from

Thank you for keeping our horses healthy!


"I want to support."

Are you feeling inspired by our story and want to continue to see Rising Hope grow? Click the link below to donate, sponsor a horse, or donate a wish list item.

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