Supporting our returning military veterans who have served our country bravely and courageously is a priority here at Rising Hope. Reaching our veterans through equine assisted activities and veteran services is another way we can connect hooves and hearts and begin a healing relationship. This no cost program will begin with initial sessions that include horse education and how to create a relationship with the horse. As each individual is unique so is each horse. They will learn how to communicate and respond to the horse’s behavior and actions.

Lessons learned on the ground will then be carried over into riding as the physical benefits of riding dramatically increase. The horse is very unique. It sees each individual as they are that day.

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The horse has incredible senses that can read our emotions through our approach and body language. It is evident how the individual will receive not just physical but strong emotional healing. Equine therapy has proven to help those living and dealing with Post Traumatic

Stress Disorder.

The Rising Hope veteran program has been able to give my husband a healthy outlet for his PTSD triggers.
- K

The horse naturally promotes strong trust characteristics and calm responsive communication. With staggering statistics of severe suffering and depression plaguing our veteran heroes, horse therapy has been a shining light into the darkness. Rising Hope is embracing the opportunity to support our veterans and hope many will benefit from this program.

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