Rising Hope was established and operating by 2016,

but years before that, the pieces were falling into place.


Cindy Lamey had just experienced one of the hardest events in her life: losing her husband in a tragic accident. She turned to her herd of horses and multiple dogs for support, peace of mind and purpose. Her heart was driven and mind was focused to provide therapies to individuals experiencing loss, frustration, loneliness, or any need through connections made between horses and humans.

But HOW?!

At the same time, Yvonne McCaslin, a PATH International certified instructor and equally driven woman, desired to open an Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies facility to serve Centre County's residents with special needs and Military backgrounds. For years she had been gaining experience as an instructor and volunteer while being a mother, endurance rider and athlete.

But HOW?!

Through unlikely and sometimes surprising connections, Yvonne and Cindy met and quickly became not only friends, but co-founders of our facility with the assistance of our first board of directors. There were no coincidences or random events around the development of Rising Hope. As Rising Hope quickly gained ground and reached further, we now serve more than 40 participants per session, accrue more than 300 volunteer hours, and venture to at least 20 community outreach events a year by...

Connecting Hearts & Hooves

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We believe every horse and person has potential to do a multitude of great things.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide recreational and therapeutic riding which develops physical, cognitive, social and emotional well being through equine assisted activities to all individuals in need, helping participants to connect to the healing nature of the horse in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

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