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Day Wishes

"I wish I could spend time with a horse."

This is a common statement we receive from individuals who can't commit to lessons or are curious how horses can help with their needs. Our response to the statement? "Guess what, you can!"

Make Your Wish Come True!

Rising Hope wants to see this wish come true, regardless of your age or horse knowledge. Whether horses are involved at a therapeutic, professional eventing, rodeo, or leisure level, they require trust, partnership, and reliability.


Building a bond with a horse, even short-term, can be deeply impactful. Participating in Day Wishes is an opportunity to partner with a horse to experience benefits that promote healing through some of life’s most difficult situations. These appointments, made with RHTRC staff, will be hands-on opportunities to meet an appropriate horse from our facility to groom, lead, pet, and befriend.


Since these will be scheduled by appointment, depending on availability, appointments could be made on weekends.

If you are interested in scheduling a day wish, please click the button below.


"Why should I donate?"

Our ultimate goal is to provide cost-free services to everyone who seeks equine-assisted therapy. However, we have a long way to go. By donating monthly to our general fund, you can help with unforeseen vet bills, daily costs of care for our Hope Horses, scholarships to our participants, and so much more! Every donation gets us closer to providing services to every individual who needs them.

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