Header Miniature Horsemanship Course.png

You could have a mini horse; its mane as white as snow

And anywhere you went, the mini is sure to go

This course will allow the individual to gain knowledge and experience handling horses on the ground with a goal of becoming an independent horse handler. Each six (6) week session will include lessons on haltering,
grooming, leading, and desensitizing with the addition of new skills for ground work. Classes will progress from beginner to advanced. Certificates will be reward for completion of each class. The class will be held with one or two other individuals including a volunteer for each horse.

The session will run a minimum of 30 min with a max of 45 min.

Cost is $30 per session If you have any questions and/or are ready to register,

contact Yvonne at Yvonne.RisingHope.TRC@gmail.com 

We are looking forward to our new mini handlers at Rising Hope!

‘ What makes the mini love them so ?' the eager children cry
‘ O, they love the minis, you know,’ the Instructors did reply
‘ And you each gentle animal in confidence may bind,
And make them follow at your call if you are always kind.’