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Miniature Horsemanship Course

This course will allow you to gain knowledge and experience handling horses on the ground, with a goal of becoming an independent horse handler.

6 Week Course Includes: 

Lessons On:

  • Haltering

  • Grooming

  • Leading

  • Desensitizing 

  • Ground Work Skills

Classes will progress from beginner to advanced.

Certificates will be rewarded for completion of each class.

The class will be held with one or two other individuals including a volunteer for each horse.

Each session will run a minimum of 30 min with a max of 45 min.

​$30 Per Session 


Ready to register or have additional questions? 


We are looking forward to our new mini handlers at Rising Hope!

Mini Horsemanship Course
Mini Horsemanship Course
Aug 12, 2024, 9:00 AM
2022 Christmas- Program Photo
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"I want to learn how I can give back?"

Not sure you have the time or commitment to volunteer but want to make a difference in your community? By making a donation, small or large, you're immediately helping our mission and helping our participants benefit from the healing power of a horse. Whether it be towards horse care and vet bills, lesson fees, scholarships, or sponsorships your donations truly matters.

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