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At the heart of Rising Hope, our ultimate goal is to provide services to residents in and around Centre County, PA.


Whatever your goal is: needing encouragement to overcome obstacles, looking for hope and strength to journey through life, or creating an ever lasting and healing bond with a horse, Rising Hope has a program for you.

Frank & Apache.jpeg

Connecting hooves and hearts by reaching our veterans through equine assisted activities and veteran services.


Provides positive benefits and healing to those feeling restricted with their independence and mobility.


Gain knowledge and experience handling horses on the ground, with a goal of becoming an independent horse handler.

Ron, Avery & Rosie.jpeg

Our minis enjoy spreading knowledge, therapeutic opportunities and love into the community.


Students and teachers get a chance to explore a new space and break their usual routine.


Participating in Day Wishes is an opportunity to partner with a horse to experience benefits that promote healing through some of life’s most difficult situations.

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