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Sponsor a Horse

Our equines are essential for the participants.​​

Having a partnership with a strong, capable, and trustworthy animal is very rewarding, but being able to take phenomenal care of them is beyond life changing for one individual - it can impact hundreds. Our volunteers, staff, participants and community benefit when our horses are healthy, happy, loved, and properly cared for. Each one of our horses are one in a million, so when we find a horse capable of suiting the rare role of being a therapeutic riding horse, we've struck gold! Our hearts are set on providing a reliable, safe, and nurturing environment for all involved, and the horses are no exception from that. Your sponsorship will cover veterinary, farrier, feed, bedding, and other care costs for our herd.

Partner with our horses so they can
continue to thrive!


​Sponsor one horse for one month

$225.00 USD


Sponsor one horse for one 8-week session

$450.00 USD


Sponsor one horse for one 10-week session

$562.50 USD


Sponsor one horse for three riding sessions - one 8-week and two 10-week

$1,575​​.00 USD

Ways You Can Sponsor A Horse

  1. Donate the funds via Network for Good online through the "Donate" Button at the top of the page: 

    • As a One-Time payment with a Credit or Debit Card

    • As a Recurring payment with a Credit or Debit Card

  1. Send us a Check:

    • Monthly​

    • Before each new session

    • As a One-Time lump sum


Specify its use as a Horse Sponsorship for [insert name of horse] under the "Note for the Donor Scroll" online or your written check's "Memo" line.

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